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Online Chat with Foreign in-laws with Skype Translator

Foreign in-laws problem

With the progress of society, it is more commonly to see people from different countries and cultures joined together and become family. This caused one problem, if your in-laws are foreigners, and speak foreign languages while you don't, the communication becomes very difficult. Here are some examples:

"His parents are from another country, they do not speak English, they are 75 years old, they are completly dependent on us to take them places, I feel they have no respect for our privacy, and I have had it. I am not sure what to do. I am literally going insane."
-- mandy83ala

"I am getting set to start the BI for a top secret clearance. My wife is a foreign national. Her parents reside outside of the U.S. They don't speak any English. Does anyone know if the background investigator will be contacting them? What kinds of questions will he ask? "
-- BlueCrew

"My DH told me yesterday my FIL is coming in Feb already for a visit (he is also planned to come in April). DH is Italian, I'm SA. FIL only speaks Italian (already 71yrs, whereas my folks are 58yrs). We speak only English at home, I can understand Italian quite well and can make myself understood - but very simply and I cannot go into discussion with my Father-in-law."
-- sweetpea24

How to chat with foreign in-laws with Skype Translator

This Skype Translator is an chat translation program working with Skype. However, it will be helpful, because with it, you can chat with your mother-in-law, or father-in-law on Skype without any language barrier. If you speak English, whileyour in-laws speak Italian, Chinese, or Japanese, once you type text in English, and they will be instantly translated to target lanuages when sending to your foreign family. Here are step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Free Download Skype Translator. Double-click to install the program, just make sure you have installed Skype and exited Skype before that.

Note: 2. After first launching, you will see a Skype prompting as below, just choose "Allow access" to allow Skype Translator Pro to use Skype.

chat translation skype, instant chat translator for skype

Step 2.
Run Chat Translator for Skype, and your will see the main inerface. From here you can select translated languages. From "your language" to "target language".

foreign in-laws, chat with foreign in-laws

Step 3. Click "Start" button to launch Skype, then chat with translation will be started.  You can also shift translated languages from the menu in below chatting box. It supports more than 40 languages, eg, English to Chinese, English to Hindi, Spanish to English, Russian to French, etc.

Step 5. Type your message and chat with translation, then click "Send".

Done! You can see how simple it is. But with this skype translate software, you really can chat with foreign family with ease. It also helps you study the foreign language, doesn't it?

OK, just have a free trial of Skype Translator!

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