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How to Save Skype Chat History for Windows and Mac

¡°I have deleted my Skype chat history and I need to recover my history. It will be highly appreciated if you could please provide me little assistant to get my Skype chat history back.¡± --Wasi.Wahidy

Skype history may contain large of important information. But don¡¯t worry if you accidently deleted Skype chat history. Here we provide ways of recovering Skype chat records and how to backup them on your computer.

Where to find Skype conversation history?

  • Sign in to Skype.
  • Under Contact or Recent, simply click the contact or group you want to view the conversation history for and your conversation history is displayed.
Note: You are allowed to set keep chat history for how long.

Skype chat history location for Windows and Mac
For Windows: C:\Users\Tamim\AppData\Roaming\Skype\tamim\main.db
For Mac:
  • Click on ¡°Finder¡± icon from the dock of your Mac. From the menu, navigate through ¡°Go¡± > ¡°Home¡±
  • Go through the folders ¡°Library¡± > ¡°Application Support¡± > ¡°Skype¡±. Then open the folder with your Skype name and from there access the file ¡°main.db¡±

Note: You can not normally open this main.db file, but it contains all of your Skype chat history.

Backup Skype chat history
  • If you want to backup and transfer Skype chat history, copy the main.db file witch mentioned above to any place you want.
  • Download and install Skype Translator Pro, this software will help you save Skype chat history for each dialog. You can search any records by date or Skype friend's ID.

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