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Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger 5.2.2

Windows XP and above

    Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger can transtate Yahoo! Messenger messages into English, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and other 20 languages instantly.
    This real-time Yahoo! Messenger Chat Translator fully supports Yahoo! Messenger V9.0 and above.

How to instantly translate messages with Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger

DYC Software Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger can instantly translate your Yahoo! Messenger chat into English, French, Norwegian, Spanish, and other 10 languages. With this real-time Yahoo Messenger translator, you can easily make friends and learn foreign languages when chatting via Skype.

Below is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to use this Chat Traslator for Yahoo! Messenger to translate online chat messages instantly with ease.

Step I. Free download Chat Traslator for Yahoo! Messenger and install it according to brief instructions by clicking "Next Step".

Note: If you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above, after installing, please right-click the icon, and then select "Run as administrator".


Step II. After installing, you can see the main interface of this Yahoo! Messenger chat translation software.

Step III. Click "Start" to start chat translation.

Note: Please make sure that you have installed and operated Yahoo! Messenger on your computer.

chat translation yahoo

Then start a dialog and you will see a window as below. And click "Load Test Plu-in"-> "Action" from main menu to connect Yahoo Translator.

yahoo translate

At first time, you can see the window below, just click "OK" to move on.

Yahoo translate plugin

Translate from: Select a language you would like to translate from, normally, it should be your own language.

into: Select a language you would like to translate into, normally, it should be your friend's language.

yahoo translate plugin

Display: There are two options: display translation only and display original and translation when chatting.

chat translation yahoo

Step IV. Type your message and chat with translation, then click "Send".

yahoo translate plugin

Tips: You are also allowed to save and clear dialogs from chatting window by right clicking the mouse.

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